Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby Shower Gift

I know you've seen this already in a previous post, but I wanted to give it its own post so I can link to it on my list of completed quilts. I took my inspiration from Amanda Jean who took her inspiration from Denyse Schmidt. I'm liking the free-form quilting, even though it was hard at first to get such a structured girl to throw out the rules. I gave both of these to my friend for her baby shower. It's her third baby but her first boy.
I dyed some diapers in denim blue Rit dye -- tie-dyed some of them, and then just sewed strips of fabric up the middle. All these fabrics on the burp cloths also came from Jill. I am grateful for her generosity -- totally -- but I'm wondering how she was able to give up so much great stuff. I have been using stuff she sent me more than my own stuff lately. That doesn't help me reduce my own stash, although now that she gave it to me, it's all part of my stash too. Thanks, Jill!
Okay. Gotta run some errands now! Have a crafty day (and you can take that both ways, all you sneaky people)!


Jill said...

I am so glad that you are finding use for all the fabrics. I used so many of them in projects, I was ready to let them go. I have some scraps I hold on to. But I really am needing to simplify my stash lately. I love the baby quilt. I have been sorely tempted to buy a bolt of white kona cotton so I could do many many quilts like this and others Amandajean does.

Terry and Alice said...

It's so funny, ever since you posted on your blog about tie-dying last time, Terry has been talking non-stop about tie-dying more stuff for Tato. He's way excited about it.

Marsha said...

Very cute boy prints. It makes me want to start quilting again. Man, so much to do so little time. I am glad you girls are doing it while you are young.

Drew Watts said...

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