Friday, May 29, 2009

Two finishes and a start.

So I haven't been able to get on blogger for over a week now. It keeps telling me it cannot display the webpage. I was even unable to leave comments on other blogs and missed out on entering some giveaways as a result. =( I assumed it was because of my slow internet speed, but that hasn't been a problem before. Then I thought I might have a virus, so I updated my virus definitions and scanned. Nothing. The download took 5 hours (seriously). Maybe my virus hightailed it during that time, seeing the writing on the wall. Anyway, now I can blog. Whatever. I don't get it, but I'll take it.
This is an older line called Princess Boutique. The finished yet unbound quilt has been hanging around for quite some time. I finally bound it, and it will be going to one of my friends who is having a baby girl. Seriously, I know 7 or 8 pregnant people right now. These hangers-on are going to come in handy.
This I-Spy quilt was pieced by a girl that I have watched for the last four summers (minus the one where I had just had baby #7 and was trying to sell my house). We never had enough time to work on it since I always had 10 or so kids running around. I quilted it for her last summer, and it has sat unbound at my house since then. So now it's done and in her hands. She's 14 now, and this quilt is small, but she doesn't seem to care.
This is the back. Cool, no?
Now for the part where I hang my head. Old Red Barn Co.'s Dana is hosting a quilt-along. You all know I can't resist a quilt-along, so I joined. Yes, I did. It looks like a quick/easy quilt, and I'm using up some stash, another worthy cause (besides finishing stuff). I'm using a combination of Robyn Pandolph's Tickled Pink and some Provincial Garden (South Seas Imports, I wanna say).
So you can do the math. I finished two. I started one. I'm at 74. I HAVE been doing other stuff too, and I'm very close on a few more of those quilts that need binding. And I made a purse. And I had to alter 5 quincenera dresses. 4 more to go. Oh, and I made two sets of cards for card swap. And then there were field days, band concerts, choir concerts, awards assemblies, play practice (the actual play is tonight), a trip to NASA/Houston, end-of-the-year church activities -- I'm sure there's more, but my mind is blanking out on me. May is really busy around here to say the least. Hopefully blogger will continue to be my friend, and you can see what I've been up to. Now I'm off to clean my house before the card-swappers arrive. Have a fun day! (And by that I mean, "Get in your sewing room, girl!")


Jetta's Nest said...

Hi Jessica, thanks for visiting my blog for the May Giveaway :)

amandajean said...

i think you are doing great on your wips! it's good to treat yourself to a new project now and then!