Monday, October 17, 2011

Pinwheels in the Park Finished!

Did you think I forgot about this quilt? I actually finished it SO long ago (you know, like 3 weeks or so), but I have been so busy getting my husband out the door and then getting ready for the birth fair that I haven't had time to blog. (As an aside, since I haven't had time to blog, I have yet to mention that I am moving. The Bossy Quilter will be in the same virtual location, but my family and I will be moving to Connecticut. Exciting for us, but it has really cut into my blogging time.) Okay. Back to the quilt.
Possibly my favorite block. Possibly my second favorite.
You might remember that Kerri was making this quilt and asked if anyone wanted to quilt along. I don't know if I quilted along on their schedule, but this is definitely the fastest I've ever finished a quilt-along.
Bliss dots for binding. Because I'm trying to finish a lot of things very quickly (because I'm tired of the ginormous number on my WIPs list), I have taken to binding by machine -- stitch onto the back, flip to the front, topstitch. I like the look of hand binding better, but this is going much faster. I'm into faster right now. This is my second daughter's current favorite. It's smaller than I thought it would be (should've read the directions instead of skimming them), but it's a good size for her. I really love this one too. Kinda makes me wish I were a little shorter so my toes didn't stick out. Kinda.

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Jill said...

Yay! A finish always feels so good. I really love the colors and the favorite blocks you picked.