Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Charmed Whirligig Finish

I really have been finishing a number of items but have just been too busy to blog them. So you're going to see a lot of finishes in the near future and not much process. I am also trying to focus on finishing and not starting new things. I'm sure I've said that before too, but I've been on a little bit of a roll with that.
Two charm packs (plus backing fabric) make the whirligigs. Fabric requirements here. Instructions here.
Fabric is Martinique by 3 Sisters for Moda. I love the soft look that their fabrics lines always give. I'm not a pastel person really, but I just love their lines! I love a good paisley. I am an 80s girl, and we loved us some paisley in that decade. I'm happy to see it coming back around -- and in such beautiful colors too.I stippled this in a coral pattern, which I though was fitting since some of these fabrics have coral on them.
Machine bound again. It really is making things go so quickly that I can't give it up just yet. Maybe if I ever get down to only 10 or 15 projects, I'll consider hand binding again. How are you doing on finishing? Any progress? Amanda Jean is now sponsoring a Finish-it-up Friday Mr. Linky. Finish something this week, and you can link up over on her blog. Then you can go look at what everyone else is finishing and be inspired too! Good luck this week. You can do it!!


Jill said...

Love it Jess, I have some Martinique, maybe enough for something like this. Keep going with the finishes!

Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

Wowzers, lady, look at all these great quilts you've been making. I've been away for a while and just saw them. i am particularly fond of this one. I love it!!!