Friday, July 5, 2013

Running in Circles

This quilt is from Amanda Jean's Running in Circles quilt.  I've decided I need some white or some kind of rest for your eye.  Sometimes I can't tell how it's going to turn out until I actually see it.  I do like quilts where there's just a wash of colors, but this one might be too busy.  I can't tell.

 Busy or not, I still like it.

 Pieced back.

Spiral quilting in the circles, tiny stippling around it.

The colors look more pastel (and really, truer) here in these pictures -- more sunlight, guess.  

I made the binding for this weeks ago, and it has just been sitting around waiting for me to have a spare moment.  And there it was this morning.  I'm not sure if I'm keeping this or sending it to my niece.  When she was a baby, I did not send her a quilt (long-ish story, bad time in my life), so now that she's three or so, maybe she needs a big-girl quilt.  But first, I have to finish the one for her new baby sister that's coming this fall.  The list goes on and on.  And on.  Happy Quilting!

I'm linking up to Amanda Jean's Finish it up Friday.  Hooray!!!


Kat said...

I really like this one! I don't think it's too busy at all. The pattern is still clear and that makes it ok. The colors are perfect for a little girl!

amandajean said...

it looks great, Jessica! i like it with all the colors jammed together. such a happy quilt!

thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday! said...

I love the color choices, great finish. the quilting truly makes it special.

tahoe34 said...

I wouldn't change a thing! I absolutely love it just the way it is. Congratulations on a job extremely well done!

Ida said...

Its not too busy (and I dislike overly busy quilts). I think the pattern makes each chunk of fabric big enough that it decreases the overall 'noise' of the fabrics. Its a great quilt.

jodi@Pleasant-Home said...

Love the running in circles quilt. I really like your fabric choices!