Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sailing Sadie

This one has been quilted for a while -- several weeks -- just awaiting binding. Apparently I do not like to bind. Too bad I don't live near Amanda Jean or Jill. They'd help me out.
Just a nice stripe on the back. A nice boyish one for the stack.
And yes, this one does "count" since I started it so long ago, so I'm down to 73. I'll take the [sigh] off for now. Just as an aside, my downstairs a/c has not been working well for several weeks. On Monday we finally got it fixed. I had not wanted to do any machine quilting, having to sit underneath a hot blanket in my 90 degree kitchen. Now that's fixed, I can sandwich some more quilts and get going. My time is getting short to finish my 35 quilts -- well, 33 now. Somebody make that girl focus! Hope you get something finished this week too! Off to clean the kitchen before the quilters get here today!


Jill said...

It's so funny that you aren't big on binding. I always do it in the evening when I am watching TV, or I put in a movie that I want to watch again and again and then do it. We need a system where you can do some of my piecing, and I will do some of your binding. Yay on finishing one more, I totally think you can do 33 more in the next six months. How many do you have that just need binding?

amandajean said...

yep, i sure would help you with those bindings. :)