Thursday, December 31, 2009

Baby Pastel Flannel

This was one that Jill had cut out the pieces for a long, long time ago and had given up on, so she gave it to me. Of course. I accept all orphan blocks and partial quilts into my home. It has sat at my house for quite some time as well. I actually put the top together a year or two ago, and then earlier this year I quilted it. Again, I just eyeballed the diagonal crosshatch, using the corners as guides.
Thanks to Jacquie's challenge, it is now bound and finished, ready to go to some cold baby. I do have one more baby quilt that might get finished before midnight. I sewed the binding on by machine, and now all I have left is the handwork. Here's hoping. (If I can just get my kids to bed, I'm sure I can get it done while watching New Year's shows.) Maybe you'll hear from me again later tonight!

Lazy Gal Red FINISH!

Pin-basted. Yep, that sure took up a lot of floor space!
Quilted, not bound.
All finished. Washed and crinkly.
Back. I added the red to the bottom, since I didn't have enough of the black.
Can't go wrong with polka dot binding!
For those of you that are counting, that makes six finishes for Jacquie's Joy in the New Year challenge. I have one other finish that I haven't posted and one small quilt to finish binding that may make it in. Of course, I have TONS more wips to finish, but this is a good start, I'd say. I'll try to post the other two later tonight. Off to bind that quilt! Good luck with your finishes. I'll race ya!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lazy gal red progress

See what you can make from scraps?
Love this one.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nine Patch, Round One

Yes, it's just round one. Don't criticize. Round two is still in the works. I haven't given up on it yet. I finished round one; I can finish round two.
Back -- some of my home tie-dyed fabric -- just regular muslin, some RIT dye, and a whole bunch of rubber bands.
Diagonal crosshatching using the squares as my guides. I try not to mark any quilts if I can help it at all, so I just eyeballed this one. Don't look too closely, or you'll see the imperfections.
Low, wide stippling-type quilting around the borders. On its way to its new home.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Inspiration can come from the strangest places.

So Rebekah wanted squares and rectangles but not just concentric squares for her Common Threads blocks. She sent her fabrics out really early (aren't they great?!), and it took me almost the whole month to figure out what I was going to do.
This is what I came up with.
And this is where I got the idea.
Go figure.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
Christmas is fast approaching, and I have already been given so much that it seems slightly naughty of me to ask for more. I guess you know me pretty well by now, though, so that shouldn't come as too much of a shock. It's just fabric. And that shouldn't be too much of a shock either. I have been to the Fat Quarter Shop, and they have a lot of things that would be very happy in my home. None of them are puppies or babies (but you're not the stork, so I guess that's not really your department anyway).
First to catch my eye was this.
Then there was this.
And then this.
You can see how my list could get very long. If Mrs. Claus were to visit their store, her list would be quite long as well I am sure. I'm going to wrap this up, because I have Christmas gifts to make, as I'm sure do you. You probably have a few more to make than I do. But see, if you brought me fabric, then you wouldn't have to make me anything. I would do all the making. = )