Friday, September 11, 2009

DJ's Quilt

For my friend's son's first birthday. I didn't know her when he was born, so I couldn't give him a quilt then. I believe this one is 45 by 60 -- 15 inch blocks.
I saw a pink version of it on Amanda Jean's blog, but it comes from a pattern by Terry Atkinson called Happy Hour. It definitely took me longer than an hour to make, though, I'll tell you that.
Simple back.
Most of these prints came from Jill when she was clearing out her cupboards. Thank you, Jill! I could probably make several more of these quilts with what I still have left. I'd like to make a slightly larger version for me, since most of my quilts are girly and I have the five boys. It's gonna have to get in line, though.
As you can see from the sidebar, my list is still quite long. But now I'm at 71. = ) And I have more to show you. That's what happens when you take a break (albeit unintended) for a month.
Have a great weekend. Get lots done! I'm on a roll, ladies!


Marsha said...

Glad you got the new computer. It seems so hard to be without one these days. Those quilts are darling. Keep up the good work, girl.

Julia said...

It's so cool! Do you do your own quilting? I took a class for beginning quilting and I love it! I can't wait to start the kit that I bought for my birthday!
I love the fabrics your picked out for the quilt. I especially love the one with stars on the last picture. I seriously can't wait til I learn how to do ANY quilt pattern that I take a fancy to. LOL!!