Thursday, June 3, 2010

Guitar SupaStar!

So, the baby this is going to is already like three months old. Sometimes I'm ahead of my game, and sometimes (mostly) I'm WAAAAYYYY behind. Here I think I would call it moderately behind. This is why I'm so thankful to Jacquie and her Spring to Finish challenge. This is number 10 of 11. I finished it before the deadline, but I didn't get it posted before then. (Same thing with the previous two quilts.) Number 11 didn't make it, but I am just amazed that I finished 10. I'm going to have to challenge myself in June to finish some more -- maybe all my quilt-alongs. =/
I LOVE these Maverick stars. I did some for Amanda Jean's Quilts of Valor project last year, and then I just had to do some more. I saw some of Ashley's Maverick star quilts, and I knew I wanted to make a quilt similar to hers (and this one too).
I quilted a swirl in the centers of each block, and then I bisected each star point and followed it to the edge of the quilt. It made a lot of crisscrosses -- scrunchier in some places than in others.
It was this piece of flannel that inspired the color scheme. Little guitars -- probably came from Jill. She sent me a bunch of flannel at one point. Here's the lesson for the day -- use the exact same fabric when piecing each block on a quilt where you want the stars to look like they're floating. White is not always white. Now, normally I like the variation I get when I use different whites, but in this particular quilt, I was looking for a uniformity in the background that I didn't get. The difference was not extremely noticeable until I got it out of the washing machine, so at first I wondered if some of the green bled into it. That may still be the case. It just looks kind of yellow. I'm not going to take it apart, mind you. It's just an imperfection that is going to bug me whenever I see it (which, admittedly, will not be that often, since I'm giving it away.)
So that's a lesson for next time -- because I'm having my Common Threads group make me Maverick stars in citrus colors (mostly based off of Riley Blake's Summer Song). Use the same white.


why not sew? said...

I love it! The quilting looks great. I still haven't tried any of these maverick stars yet. It's on the list.

amandajean said...

it's WONDERFUL!!! the same thing happens with me and not matching whites...they bug me after the quilt is finished. unfortunately i have many varieties of whites floating around. a HUGE congratulations to you for finishing 10 for the challenge. yay yay YAY you!!!

Rebekah said...

so cute! I love the random placement of the stars.

Congrats on so many finished in May!

Laurel H. said...

This is an amazing quilt!

Jill said...

Nate has some jammie pants out of that flannel! Love this, I have lots of white scraps because of this. I guess I need to do a variation on white quilt to decrease them all.

jodi @ Pleasant Home said...

Love this quilt! Happy to have found your blog to see it. I did the same thing with a large background on a quilt and white. Just for example. Moda has a white #97 and #98 that are very close yet different. (I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure) anyway, I didn't notice mine until I washed it either. But it is still amazing and beautiful!