Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quilting Gallery Summertime Swap

I ended up being in two swaps at once, and I have to say that I kept getting a little muddled about who was getting which quilt. This is for the Quilting Gallery's Summertime Mini Swap. This is the quilt I got.
As you know, I love patriotic quilts, and I thought it was so sweet that my swap partner, Tena, looked at my blog and discovered that. She made it especially for me, and I love it. Thank you, Tena!
Here is the one I sent to my partner. Again, I don't know if she has gotten it yet, so I didn't take pictures of it with label on the back. I did label both of my quilts, though. This person said she did NOT like the bright, funky fabrics. So I made this quilt the opposite of the other. I'm pretty sure I sent them to the correct people, but I swear I had to double-check several times. I didn't want to send the wrong quilt to the wrong person.
This was based on a Fig Tree pattern called Petite Fleurs. I would love to make a larger quilt of this pattern, but I have so many detailed quilts already, that I can't allow myself to start it. It's still on my mind, though.
I used most of what was left of my Seaside Rose and a little bit of something else -- I can't remember what, though. Provincial Garden? Maybe Simplicity. I can't remember. I just have little pieces. Oh, I'll just go check, for goodness' sake! Okay. It's Tickled Pink by Robyn Pandolph for Moda.
Quilting detail -- crosshatch in the center with stippling around the border.
Block detail -- those are one-inch finished squares. It's a great quilt for honeybuns, although I just used my scraps. That was the very last of the blue floral from Seaside Rose. I think if I had like a Patisserie or Mill House Inn honeybun or two, it would go pretty quickly. I think I would HAVE to strip-piece it. Okay. You see how I'm dwelling on this? Didn't I just say I couldn't start it. Oh, this is not looking good on the finishing front. Every new start prevents a finish, right? Oh, but it's so fun. And I made three backs and pinned two quilts yesterday, so I'm making progress. Right? (Rationalization.)
By the way, have I mentioned how much I LOVE Fig Tree fabrics and patterns? They are just so soft and comforting. Anyway, enough rhapsodizing. Hope you have a fun day and get lots done!

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Julia said...

I've just discovered Fig Tree fabric and patterns too! I absolutely love them. Your quilting looks wonderful!! And I love how pretty and girly this quilt looks!