Monday, March 14, 2011

Juice Boxes with Wheels

I saw this quilt on Allison's blog and liked it so much that I knew I had to make my own version of it. Hers is made from a fresher color palette, which I like, but I used what I had around here. I had previously purchased a FQ pack of Riley Blake's Wheels plus some yardage. That's mostly what this is.
I added some solids and other prints that I had -- some things from It's a Hoot by Momo.
I was trying to show you the little car in the window, but if you look closely you can also see where my machine skipped stitches and I had to sew back over those spots again. You can't see it? Thicker stitching lines? I doubt the mama who got this will notice either. I keep being reminded that it's okay if my quilts aren't perfect.
On the back are the cars print from Riley Blake, some Quilter's Only in I don't know what color, and some muslin that I dyed orange with RIT dye that I bought at WalMart. It's not the most colorfast dye (as I'm learning), so it fades some. I need to invest in some better fabric dyes, but for now, I just use what's around.
Brown Quilter's Only for the binding. I like it just as well as the Kona, and sometimes my Joann's has better colors of QO than they do of Kona. (Do you just love my patchy green grass? Spring is trying to show up around here.)


Marsha said...

All so wonderful and a lot of work. I haven't commented on each one but I love them all.

happydaysquilting said...

I have enjoyed my visit to your blog you have made loads of georgeous quilts!