Sunday, March 29, 2009

Seaside Rose Hourglass

Here it is! I finished the top some time ago, but I just quilted it week before last (during Spring Break, if you can believe it), and I finished binding it just this past Thursday.
I've never really been a pastel person, but I went through a phase of buying all those pastel lines, and now I've got to do something with them. I do love how this turned out, though.
I mostly stippled all over, but I did a spiral in the corner squares and a vine with flowers on the border. This is only my third quilt using my free-motion quilting machine, so I'm not very skilled. But it washed up really nicely, and it keeps us warm when we need it to. I probably should have at least pre-washed my binding so it wasn't quite so wrinkly. Oh, well, I love it anyway.


Jill said...

You know I love this. I still have quite a bit left, how much do you have? The whole print makes me want to visit the ocean.

another amy said...

This turned out so pretty. Love that Seaside Rose! Your quilting looks really goood!