Saturday, February 20, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In Results

This quilt has been hanging around for a long time. I mean, a LOOOONNNNNGGGG time. I made a bubblegum pink version of this for my niece when she was born. Nearly seven years ago. Ladies, that is how I roll. If you didn't know it before, you know it now. I just had seen a vintage quilt that looked like this, drafted my own pattern. That's why if you look closely, the scallops have issues. So don't look too closely.
Initially I had left that big white border empty of quilting. I just had the crosshatching in the center blocks. Mistake. It just wasn't right. So last night, I added the floral quilting.
This is actually the quilt that I stayed up late on New Year's Eve binding for Jacquie's Joy in the New Year challenge. I finished the binding at like 12:08, so I didn't count it. Then I decided it wasn't complete, so it sat for a month and a half.
My friend had a baby shower for her third girl this morning. She's doing the nursery in purple, so that was perfect. I guess this quilt has been laying around waiting for her. I just didn't know it.
Other things I worked on last night were some stitching on some thank you cards I made for her -- which I neglected to take a picture of -- and then I did a few whirligig blocks for Cathy's whirlygig quilt-along. They weren't worth taking a picture of, because I just did some chain piecing. No actual blocks were finished last night. Maybe next month (hopefully before then).
Thanks to Heidi and Bobbi for hosting this!


letsgetcreative said...

OK.....I LOVE the blanket! THank you SOOOOOO much! If you want I will take some pics of the thank you cards and send them to you! They are so adorable....almost too adorable to use! And they are ALL different. I will do that.....hmmmm....soon!

Jill said...

I think I saw this quilt once upon a time when we visited. I didn't realize it was still on your WIP list though. The pink one is still well loved and used all the time.

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

Beautiful. Love the soft purple colors and that scalloped edge!