Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Giraffe Quilt

Some quilts I have no problem naming, and others are more difficult for me. And don't even ask me about labeling. I'm terrible at labeling them. =/
I pieced this quilt a good eight years ago. My SIL had gotten some of the giraffe fabric with pink, and I liked it in the green colorway. I let it sit so long before quilting it that I had a hard time matching the back to the front. And of course, I used every ever-loving piece of it to make the front, although, if there were any scraplets left, I wouldn't be able to find them anyway due to their advanced age. Anyway, so I quilted it last year, but I had the same problem with binding that I had with the backing -- the greens were not quite the right match -- all the ones I could track down. Admittedly, it wasn't a hard-fought search to find the perfect binding, but at the same time, even in my lackadaisical quest, I was unwilling to settle for a weird color for the binding. So I finally decided on brown -- I'm pretty sure it's Quilter's Only from Joann's -- that chocolatey brown color. And I think it's growing on me.
Diagonal crosshatch (which has ever been my go-to mode of quilting should ideas fail me). It doesn't make for as scrunchy of a quilt after washing, but at this point I'm going with, "Hey, it's done, and it's another boy quilt to add to my stack." And I really do still like the colors.


Jill said...

We still have ours-a pink one and a green one, they are the zoo quilts. I think I actually made them specifically to take to the zoo in the wagon-silly. You are so close on your spring to finish! Great job!

Rebekah said...

Congrats on the finish! I love the simplicity of this and the cross hatch quilting is perfect. You are getting so much done this spring!

Jessica Christensen said...

Jacquie is my taskmaster. I think I actually lost my way when Amanda Jean stopped blogging. Maybe I was in mourning? Also, I started working in my husband's office, and that is sucking up all my sewing time.