Tuesday, May 10, 2011

MY Easy as Pie

I have been out for quite a while. Two weeks of my MIA status can be accounted for by the flu, during which no sewing and very little standing or sitting took place. After that it has been catch-up as well as making samples for some classes I will be teaching here. They aren't scheduled yet, and we just have beginner classes added for now. But keep checking back, because I'm ramping up.
Anyway, so I finished my Easy as Pie quilt from Amanda Jean's tutorial. I never put it on my list, and I was hoping to finish MUCH sooner than I did. Again, I'm going to blame it on the flu. But it is done now and getting ready to be wrapped and given to its intended owner.
All from my stash -- including backing and binding. The backing wasn't quite enough, so I added a single row of coins to widen it -- just leftovers from what I cut for the front.
The girl's favorite colors are blue and purple, so I'm hoping she loves it. I quilted a loopy meander in grey.


Carol said...

I love that color combo -- your quilt looks great!

Jill said...

Very nice! I think it turned out great. I have been using gray a lot lately and really love the subtlety of it. And yay on the classes!

amandajean said...

It looks wonderful Jessica! I love the strip of coins on the back. Way to use your stash! Doesn't that feel great?

Marsha said...

Beautiful quilt! And I would like to see the quilter and her daughers too. They are beautiful!