Monday, November 24, 2008

Death comes softly . . . and frequently

So, I'm sure all -- both, technically -- of you who read my blog were wondering if I died or something. I'm here to answer that no, no I did not. However, my computer did -- a little at a time. First, we had a no screens week around here. I could only check my email for work and send it back. No TV (not such a sacrifice), no blogging (huge sacrifice!), no reading other people's blogs (ginormous sacrifice). The next week on Tuesday night we had a major electrical storm which fried our modem. I have a surge protector on the plug, but that doesn't stop the current from traveling through the phone line. This is the second modem we have had fried on this computer. My husband bought a new one ($10 internal piece) which he installed himself, but that wasn't until Thursday. Then the weekend happened, and then the monitor died. Oh, yes, completely dead. Everything is black. For a while it did this little thing where part of the screen would start to show up, but the whole thing never did. Anyway, on Saturday we got a new monitor ($100 -- terrible resolution, but it'll do for now). So now here I am again. I'll tell you, though, during all that time of no blogging, I was able to work on some new projects which I will show you as soon as I photograph them! I finished some quilt tops and put together a bunch of backs (had to piece things, because I'm on a fabric fast right now -- not allowed to buy ANY!). I also started a whole bunch of new quilts -- I'm not kidding, a BUNCH! I blame Amanda Jean and her fabulous website. I'll get some quilt pics up soon, but for now, though, I'll just leave you with a picture of a box of cards I donated to the school auction basket (Holiday themed basket for my daughter's class).

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