Thursday, February 12, 2009

Princess Quilt

I'm not sure when I finished quilting this quilt, but I'm sure it was before we bought our house 3 1/2 years ago. It has sat around waiting to be bound. At first, I didn't have enough of one fabric left, and I didn't want to do a scrappy binding since this quilt is kind of busy anyway. Then, after a while, I thought, I'll just do it anyway. Then I couldn't find my scraps.
I finally decided to just bind it in something I had. Actually, I think this pink was given to me by Jill in one of the multiple boxes she gave me. It's kind of speckled like some of the other fabrics, and it matches the darker pink.
I hand quilted it with lots of different motifs. In each square I have a large motif -- crowns, hearts, flowers, gowns -- and in each triangle I have a smaller motif -- all those aforementioned plus shoes and wands.
I think it's Moda fabric, but I totally do not remember the name of the line. The quilt itself is not that interesting, but the quilting is so fun. That's what I love about this quilt. It took so long, but it's just so fun, because everthing is different. I did major swirls in the green borders. Don't know what to call it. It has princesses on it, I guess.
Anyway, I know it's not on my list on the side, but it is an old project that needed finishing. So there it is. I finished something. And I love it. And, yes, I know some of my pics are blurry. I keep trying. Please, be patient with me.


Jill said...

I love this fabric so much. Bella has a baby quilt out of it from when she was very wee. What is funny to me is I hardly ever recognize fabric that I sent you, I guess it means I was really ready to let it all go. I know I am silly about the binding thing. I think I really like making binding though, it's satisfying to see it sitting there ready to be put on. I want to see your quilting on this in person, is it all done by hand?

Marsha said...

Very beautiful. So sweet and girly fabric. I don't think I actually bound more than one quilt in my whole life. I just turned the edges in on each other and stitched. I am glad to see my children improving on my shoddy work.

amandajean said...

what a GORGEOUS quilt!!! i love it! good for you for finishing up a long time WIP! that had to feel great!!!