Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beckham's Quilt

I told you that a ton of people are having babies. This particular quilt went to a two-month-old, so I was a little behind there. But still, two-month old babies still need quilts
Flannel, decorator fabrics, and Kona. The back is mostly flannel.
Down to 72.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Easter dress

Obviously she was not the most enthusiastic model. And yes, I know Easter was a while ago. I just now got around to taking pics. I still have one more Easter dress to photograph.
Made from Michael Miller's Pop Dot.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Three small quilts

For my three-year-old's birthday in January, I made him this quilt just out of a Cars panel. I quilted it with my (then) new machine. It was one of the first, so I was figuring things out. Anyway, I didn't bind it, because I ran out of time. So I bound it last week. Finally. After months of him saying, "You needa fix my 'Queen." So now it's fixed.
A number of years back (a rather large number) a friend gave me some Harry Potter scraps. My son wanted it for a quilt. I'm thinking this was six years ago. I just finally bound it last week. It's way too small for him, but he's so happy to have it, and he uses it to snuggle under when he's reading. I just used all the scraps I was given, and that's the size it ended up.
Just a baby quilt for a girl in my ward who's having a boy in September. Look at me! I'm ahead on this one. I just gave it to her Sunday. Again, this is one I pieced several years ago and even quilted several years ago. I don't know what is up with me and binding!
In other binding news, on Monday I made binding for five quilts. Yesterday I machine stitched it on to two of them, so now it's just the handwork.
So I have three finishes, but I started the Round Two Nine-Patch One-a-Day with Amanda Jean. Hey, I've got scraps coming out my ears, and this is a great way to get rid of them. I'm cleaning out my Christmas scraps, so there will be some old pieces in there. I may do a second one of just regular random scraps. I like how everyone's quilts are turning out like that. I haven't started or even decided about that yet, though. Anyway, so I'm at 73, but I truly hope to have five more finishes this week with the quilts I have to just bind. Here's hoping!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another blue and yellow

I actually pieced this top several years back. It is a pattern from Hopskotch Quilting. She has some really great patterns on her site. I first saw her stuff in a quilting magazine, and have been hooked ever since. My Starflowers quilt is one of her designs.
I didn't use her paper piecing method, because that was back when I was afraid of it. You can see that it makes for some not so flat blocks. I recommend the paper piecing. I'm sure it would yield more accurate (and flatter) piecing. You can buy her pattern here. Scroll down to where it says Seth's Stargazing. Hers is set with 5 blocks by 5 blocks. Mine is 6 by 8. My blocks may actually be smaller than hers. I'm not sure. Here's where I have to confess that I did not buy the pattern. I just looked at it and made my own version of it.
It is twin sized. I'll get better measurements when I'm done with it. I already rolled it up, and it's waiting in the queue to be quilted.

Monday, July 13, 2009

My first quilt

All right. So I probably missed the parade of quilts, but here's my first anyway. Or close to my first. My first few quilts were just two sheets put together and tied. I don't think that counts. This one was made 11 years ago for my oldest daughter -- a reward for her potty training. She'll love that I told you all that.
I didn't know anything about binding at this point, so I just turned the sides in and hand stitched them closed. It's tied with embroidery floss. This one was pieced a few years back, but I just quilted and bound it a couple of weeks ago. I'm using better fabrics now, real binding, and my seams and cutting are more accurate.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yes, another giveaway.

Okay. One more giveaway! Go check it out!
Hey, just a quick note. Green Fairy quilts is having an AMAZING giveaway. Go check it out.

Lucky me and a giveaway link

Last month a new website was launched -- Australian, but also available for us Americans. It's called SEWN. Anyway there were a ton of people doing giveaways in honor of the blog launch. I won Jeannette's giveaway. It took a while to get here, because she is in New Zealand. Thanks, Jeannette. I was so excited to get this. I love the fabrics you chose for me!
In May, Sew Mama, Sew had their May Day Giveaway, and I was fortunate enough to win an April Cornell Spring Magic Jelly roll from Quilt Qua. I had forgotten to take a picture or even seem grateful, but I was so excited to use it, that I made this coin quilt right away. I had enough left over to make some tiny whirlygig blocks -- well, to cut out some whirlygig blocks -- not made yet.
Please, ignore my wrinkles -- and the ones on my quilt too. ; ) Seriously, though, Quilt Qua is now having another giveaway. If you go on their blog, you can see the rules for entry. It's a tell-a-friend giveaway, so I just earned another entry by telling all of you. Lucky me again. Um, if you're counting, I think the coin quilt and the whirlygig quilt put me back up to 75. Why, oh, why did I start counting?! Just kidding. It's keeping me aware. While it's true that I'm not going down much (YET!), I am not going UP either, and that tells me that I am actually finishing stuff and not JUST starting things. The ceiling is 75, so if I go above that -- well, I don't have a consequence for it, but I'll feel really bad or something. As an aside, my a/c was not working for about three weeks, and it just got fixed last Monday. So now I can consider quilting something. I didn't want to sit underneath a big, heavy quilt when it was 90 degrees in my house. I pinned two more quilts yesterday -- one old, one new -- so hopefully the finishing will come into full swing here. Pray for me, ladies!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sailing Sadie

This one has been quilted for a while -- several weeks -- just awaiting binding. Apparently I do not like to bind. Too bad I don't live near Amanda Jean or Jill. They'd help me out.
Just a nice stripe on the back. A nice boyish one for the stack.
And yes, this one does "count" since I started it so long ago, so I'm down to 73. I'll take the [sigh] off for now. Just as an aside, my downstairs a/c has not been working well for several weeks. On Monday we finally got it fixed. I had not wanted to do any machine quilting, having to sit underneath a hot blanket in my 90 degree kitchen. Now that's fixed, I can sandwich some more quilts and get going. My time is getting short to finish my 35 quilts -- well, 33 now. Somebody make that girl focus! Hope you get something finished this week too! Off to clean the kitchen before the quilters get here today!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Last 25 . . .

Yep, you read correctly. I did the last 25 nine-patches this week for Amanda Jean's one-a-day. I am totally caught up.
Till tomorrow when there is sashing or something to be done. And I think I need a few more squares for the scrappy border.
Now there's still Anina's geese in the forest quilt to get to. And the roses for the Applewood Farms BOM. And I just signed up for the Quilting Gallery's mini-quilt swap. Will I never learn?