Thursday, January 20, 2011


I was looking back to see if I could link an earlier post about this quilt. I had to go back to 2008. Yup, she's an oldie. Back in September of last year I blogged about my husband going on a Scout campout and getting five quilts basted. This was one of them. Then I quilted all five of them over the next couple of months.
This is the only one that has been bound, and it's only because my friend, Andie, took it home with her in November and bound it for me.
It is so crinkly because I did a very close, small stipple. I think it looks vintage with the soft colors and all the scrunchiness.
Star within a star.
Log cabin in a star.
Strings within a star.
Andie, pretty please, come and bind my other four so that I can snuggle them too! :)

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Marsha said...

This is a very soft and feminine quilt. I like it even though it is pink. All that stippling boggles my mind. Oh, well I guess you and Jill are running off my desire to make all sorts of quilts. You are doing yours and mine. I still have some patterns and books hidden somewhere in my storage. When I get through painting and writing books I may go back to quilting.