Thursday, December 31, 2009

Baby Pastel Flannel

This was one that Jill had cut out the pieces for a long, long time ago and had given up on, so she gave it to me. Of course. I accept all orphan blocks and partial quilts into my home. It has sat at my house for quite some time as well. I actually put the top together a year or two ago, and then earlier this year I quilted it. Again, I just eyeballed the diagonal crosshatch, using the corners as guides.
Thanks to Jacquie's challenge, it is now bound and finished, ready to go to some cold baby. I do have one more baby quilt that might get finished before midnight. I sewed the binding on by machine, and now all I have left is the handwork. Here's hoping. (If I can just get my kids to bed, I'm sure I can get it done while watching New Year's shows.) Maybe you'll hear from me again later tonight!


Julia said...

Oooooh that lazy gal red turned out so cute! Do you give away all your quilts? They take so much work! You are a fabulous quilter!! I just posted a picture of my first table runner. I even quilted and bound it! LOL! The quilting looked like I was on crack. LOL!

Jill said...

This orphan project at least seems a little familiar to me. Sorry for adding to your UFO's with my abandoned projects. I am working on a flannel quilt right now, I am just quilting it for Shelly, and it reminds me that I am not a huge fan of making flannel quilts.

Marsha said...

I love this one. Pastels look so soft and cuddly.