Sunday, June 28, 2009

A little catching up, a card, and a sneak peek.

I'm going to subject you to a whole bunch of nine-patches, because apparently, I can't do one a day. I did fine at the beginning, but somewhere around week 3 the end of the school year took over my life. So I'm trying to catch up now. I'm still a little behind, but I believe I have one week left to get completely caught up.
So now I have 45 nine-patches out of 70. I can do 25 this week, no problem. I have a few partially cut out already. I still need probably 100 or so more squares for the scrappy border, so I'll need to do that too. I feel good about this, though -- like I can get it done. Geese in the Forest? Now that's another story. I have no updates to show you on that one just yet. This is the Applewood Farms block for June, so I'm good there. I still have to do the roses for May, but she doesn't post the next block until the 14th, so I have a couple more weeks to be completely caught up there.
This was a card project that we did in card swap. So in addition to making my two sets of cards, I also had to come up with a third card for everyone to do. Fun, though. Card swap gives me a deadline and an excuse for making cards -- which I love to do but might not without the deadline.
I was trying to get a close-up of the glitter, but it just kept coming out blurry. Sorry!
So if you have endured this long of a post, you shall now be rewarded with a sneak peek. Have you seen this? I just love it. Love it. Love it. LOVE IT! So I'm making one. I'm totally stealing her color scheme and everything.

I was going to do a tutorial, but she beat me to it. I made my blocks slightly bigger than hers and I'm doing more of them, because I wanted a bigger quilt. When I finish it, I'll give you my measurements, or you can go ahead and just use hers if you want to make your own. So now I'm back up to 74, but I'm very close to finishing two quilts. Hopefully you'll see them this week. Hope springs eternal.


why not sew? said...

i love your nine patches! the pinwheel is very cute too. i did see the modified bento box quilt and i think it looks great. i have so many things to finish up before i start anything new, don't we all?! can't wait to see yours!

Jill said...

I need to sew sew sew to get a bunch of nine patches done. I did quilt my Old Red Barn quilt and it is all ready to bind. I love the modified bento box. I may put that on my to do list. But this week, I need to take my machine in to be all cleaned and serviced, alas. I think your nine patch is going to be so greatr!

Cathy said...

Your nine patch quilt is going to be really neat looking! You have been busy. Can't wait to see the finished projects.

Julia said...

Wow! I think you are Superwoman!!
I haven't checked your blog in a while and I've read a lot of back posts! You are AMAZING! I love all the quilting. I think if I had someone like you next door I would quilt EVERY day! And the purse you made is stunning! I LOVE the fabric! Its very classy. I don't think it's too loud at all.
I hope you were able to make your daughters dress out of that BEAUTIFUL fabric you got a while ago. I would really like to see it!!
Too funny about your quilt tops. 75...wowzer! I have 1. Yup, that's right! I said 1! Cuz I've only done one quilt! LOL! But I love the one I've done! I'll take a picture of it and post it just for you! Now if I could only figure out how to do the stippling and the binding....

Marsha said...

I love 9 patches because they can be designed in so many different ways. I love the cards too. Very fun and creative.