Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Saltwater Taffy

Remember this one? Elizabeth Hartman did a quilt-along with this Mod Sampler Quilt. It's now finished! Well, her quilt-along was finished a long time ago, but MY quilt is now finished.
You can see the remains of my computer in the background. My boys have been having fun dismantling it and just having something on which to use tools that they can't break (any worse than it already is broken). We pulled the hard drive, and everything else is just fair game. = )
I made my quilt one row longer than hers just because I wanted it that way. Anyway, so I only had one block left to go on the back. I just did my own thing.
Please ignore the stains from my iron. This was taken before I washed it. I made it from mostly fat quarters but some scraps. The white is just bleached muslin -- yes, from Joann's. I stock up when it goes 50 percent off.
Gotta have my best helper in the shot!
Finished quilt is approximately 52" x 72". My quilting group is doing this quilt right now. We just started this month, so I'll have another version -- bigger and pinker -- to show you shortly.


Jill said...

It turned out great, I have desire to make this one. I wish I could be there in your quilt group. The interest just does not exist here. I am really loving pieced backs lately, and I always seem to have extra blocks, so it's a great way to utilize them. Say hi to your little helper!

Julia said...

oooh, I like this one! It's so pretty! Someday soon I'll be doing my own thing too! I can't wait. You did a stupendous job on this one!! It's beautiful!

Marsha said...

You really make me want to start up on all the projects I just gave away due to moving.

amandajean said...

i love how the colors pop against the white. so nice!