Monday, September 22, 2008

Quilting -- Finally!

So, since this is called "The Bossy Quilter," I figured I should put some quilts up here. Ya think? This quilt is one that I pieced about 5 years ago (I remember cutting it out while I was nursing Cade, who will be 5 in a week), but I have just recently put it on the hoop to quilt. I'm about half done with the quilting. My sister-in-law, Jill (who will be mentioned probably quite often on this blog since she shares my love of quilting), gave me some fat quarters for my birthday (which is in July) one year, and since I love patriotic quilts and stars, this is what came from it. I had to add some fabrics from my stash too. I am now regretting my own additions, because what she sent me was quilt-store quality, and what was in my stash was Joann's. Now, I appreciate Joann's and am not opposed to using that level of fabrics. However, Joann's and quilt-store quality should never be mixed, because they will fade at different rates, and then you will be sad. I'm sure I will witness this as soon as I wash this quilt. Then I'll have to post a picture of it for you all. I have learned much in the five years since I pieced this quilt, and I hope I am getting better.
I do prefer to work on the hoop, because I don't have a gargantuan living room in which to set up my quilt frame. I do have a scrolling quilt frame, which I love!, but since this is a small quilt, the hoop is easier, and I can sit with my husband and work on it while he watches football. Then we're together even though I don't have any interest in football except where BYU is concerned and even then only marginally, and he really doesn't have any interest in quilting except where the finished product is concerned and even then only insofar as it can keep him warm. No, truly, I have a husband who appreciates the aesthetics of quilting and who is properly enthusiastic when I finish something (since it is a momentous occasion when that happens -- not my strong suit). When I told him I was doing this blog, he said, "How fun." He was not being sarcastic. He was being sweet, especially since I really deserved something along the lines of, "Do you really think you need another hobby?"

Closer up you can perhaps see that I am quilting on either side of the seam lines inside the stars and just around the muslin hexagons. This is a one-block quilt -- all made from the diamond shape. The tumbling blocks quilts are made the same way but with different color patterns to make it look completely different. Here's a tutorial on how to do the tumbling blocks. Since I am so new to this, I just don't know how to make something link to just the phrase, so I'll have to keep putting in the links with the web addresses till I get smarter.

Okay. Onward!

This is current project #2.

It is made from Moda's Simplicity line by 3 Sisters. I'm not normally a flowery, pastel kind of girl, but this line as well as Seaside Rose (also by 3 Sisters) just grabs me. I haven't had a baby girl in almost 9 years, so I should not ever be buying stuff like this, but I can't help it. People always ask me "What's it for?" with regard to my quilts. Silly, naive people, quilts are not always "for" anything or anyone. Sometimes they just need to be made because they're beautiful. I have a large number of children who always want a blanket to snuggle under while they watch TV (even in the summer, because the AC freezes them), so you can really never have enough blankets -- even in Texas. I'm tellin' ya.

I typically draw out a quilt ahead of time. I don't always buy fabric with a specific quilt in mind, so then I have to design one. I love sawtooth stars, and especially stars within stars, so I decided to put different things in the middle instead of just a plain old square.

A four-patch in the center.

I do label the blocks in my quilt and number them so I know what order to put them in. Then I number the rows so I will know which row goes next to what. I label things on my diagram too. Even with all that, sometimes I end up putting things in the wrong place. Oh well, quilting isn't an exact science.

I think this is my favorite block -- with the diagonal strips in the center. It's just so fun to me. Yes, I am feeling so clever about this quilt, however, I am feeling a little sheepish about the level of blurriness in my photos. I am not so good with the close-ups. I turn off the flash so they don't wash out, but somehow I guess my arm isn't steady enough. I'll post a picture when I get the quilt top put together. I have several other quilts to show you, but I'll probably have to put them on a different post, because my eyes are bugging out of my head now, and I should probably go make my bed or something equally mundane. I hope you enjoy!


Jill said...

I love the patriotic quilt. I have no memory of any of the fabrics I sent you though! Those brain cells must have fallen out. Can't all projects be just because, really does there have to be a purpose. I just say I am beefing up my years supply, it works around here at least.

Jessica Christensen said...

You sent me all the ones with stars on them as well as the striped one. You sent them to me like five years ago, so I can see why you don't remember. You can't be accountable for what is in my stash as well as in yours.