Friday, November 28, 2008

Blue and Yellow Ragged Squares

I saw this quilt on Amanda Jean's website and knew I had to make one. I always find it odd that I am drawn to yellow and blue quilts, because individually I am not fond of those colors. I certainly can't WEAR either of them without looking washed out. I'm a red/green/pink/brown kind of girl. I think I have made three or four yellow and blue quilts including this one, though, so on some level I resonate to it. Plus, I just love the ragged look.
I just used stuff from my stash. I have way too much, and I have got to cut it down. However, I'm not as good as Jill. I'll find a way to use it before I give it away. I'm such a packrat! Anyway, this quilt is nice, because it goes together quickly, and it uses up a lot of fabric. I didn't trim out the back on these, because I wanted the extra weight. I used some fabric from my stash that I got back when I first started and didn't know better. Some of it is really thin, so the triple layers are good for that. Plus, if these colors fade at different rates, it really doesn't matter that much, because I have so many different shades of blue. Anyway, I am loving this quilt, and I can't wait to snuggle under it. Of course, it has to get shoved aside a little while I finish stuff for Christmas. Only 27 days left, so said my Facebook page.

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amandajean said...

the yellow and blue color combination is perfect for this quilt! and good for you for using your stash...that is such a great feeling, isn't it? I'm trying to use my stash, too. it's not always fun, but it is very rewarding!