Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oh, Fransson Quilt-Along

On the side I have this listed as a BOM, which technically it is not -- really more of a quilt-along. She posted something almost daily about it, I think. She did two quilts and is done with both of them. This is what my quilt looks like right now. I would have done two -- it's very quick -- but I actually couldn't come up with fabric combos that I wanted to do for a second one. Is that crazy or what? Too much to choose from, I guess.
So now I just have to add the white sashing, and we're to quilt top stage. Lovely. I need a designated quilter. = ) If you want to do this quilt, just click on the Mod Sampler Quilt button on the side of her blog!


Jill said...

Yeah, I haven't started this one yet, I have a baby quilt I need to get done for a shower this week, so I moved this and Jack's to the backburner. This is on my list next! I love your bright colors, I am ready for some bright color weather around here!

Marsha said...

Very, very, great. I love those colors. They are so springy.