Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another BOM

This BOM was brought to my attention by my friend Kim. We are in month four. Month three is a monstrous amount of appliqued roses. Fortunately, it's machine applique -- although confessedly I'm better at hand applique, though quite a bit slower as well. Anyway, I haven't started the applique. I'm slightly afraid of it. But I am caught up with the piecing. It's being hosted by Applewood Farms.
Month 1
Month 2
Month 4
So I'm hoping that in June I can get caught up on all my quilt-alongs. I'm a little (a lot) behind on Amanda Jean's nine-patch one-a-day. I'm right on target with Old Red Barn Co. I need to do the roses for Applewood Farms. I'm a lot behind on Anina's Geese in the Forest, and we just started month 5 -- and it is a DOOZY! Seriously. It's gonna be fun, though. I am loving the paper piecing. How about the rest of you? Any plans for June?


Jill said...

I really like the colors in this one, it is going to be so pretty.

Marsha said...

These are gorgeous. I love the bright colors and just can't wait to see the whole quilte. Keep sewing and you will eventually get them all done or one of your children will finish them for you.