Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Spring to Finish Blocks!

I do not know what is up with my personality, but I just keep starting stuff and not finishing. I am a walking disaster in most parts of my life. I used to be so decisive, and now I'm floundering. But enough about me. Here I am finishing stuff I said I would. The last eight Paintbox blocks.
I had stopped, because my Kona roll had like four greens left, and I didn't have anything in those particular colors of green. I was stumped. I didn't want to buy any more fabrics, so I just set the thing aside in my mind -- undecided as to what to do. Then I found the other Kona roll I had purchased -- I think it was the pastel colorway. Anyway, I just pulled four colors from there and finished it up. The pastels might not go with my brights as well, but I just needed to get it done. I think it will be fine. They'll blend in.
So, yeah, all 80 blocks are done! I realize that the quilt-along is over and a lot of people have their entire quilts done. I'm making progress, so that's good enough for me. I'll put that on my next list. This checks off one more on my Spring to Finish challenge. Yay me! (And, seriously, yay, Jacquie for getting us to do this. There are only like five days left.)
Three blocks for Nadia.
I loved her fabrics so much that I ended up making three. I'm three months late, though, so hopefully that makes up for it. And I'm hoping that she has been too busy with her new baby to put this quilt together. =/
(All these are for Common Threads.) For Amanda.
And for Wendy.
Wendy wanted a neighborhood quilt like the one from Material Obsession. (I think it was their first book?) Luckily, she said we could wear pants. I do wear dresses to church on Sunday, but that's about it. I'm jeans and t-shirt, blend into the background, no-one-notice-me kind of girl. And also, I am not fond of lace. I'm really not that girly. So my person is rather plain, but it is reflective of who I am. Also, I didn't put shoes on my person, because I'm usually barefoot (although not footless, as shown above). Nor am I bald. Okay. Okay. So it's not an exact replica, people.
However, that DOES catch me up for Common Threads, and it's my month to send stuff out -- which I am hoping to do today. Yeah, I'm a little late. Who's surprised? Anyway, so that makes four more to check off my Spring to Finish list. Five days, four items. Can she do it? We will see.


Wendy said...

Love the jeans! If I were to do an honest representation of myself - I'd be in jeans too. I wonder how I could do a pair of Dansko clogs for my own block?

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Looks great! I love the wolf village fabric - what is it called? I also love the Nicey Jane.