Monday, April 9, 2012

Farmer's Wife catch-up

I have not worked on these in quite some time. I know the Farmer's Wife girls took a sabbatical in December and January, but I took a MUCH longer break than that. I don't know why I have 18 of one quilt and 19 of the other. I'll have to rectify that. But anyway, I just recently made 6 more blocks for each, so I'm closer. I think the others have 56 done. Hm. I DO like a challenge. I can catch up.
Top quilt is made with fabrics from It's a Hoot by Momo for Moda. Bottom quilt is made with mostly Whimsy by Fig Tree for Moda with a few assorted scraps from other lines thrown in.
Don't ask me why I decided to make two quilts. I guess I really love the idea of all these different blocks. I've decided that after I finish these quilts (in another year, likely), I'm going to do a Dear Jane quilt. I am making myself wait so I'll actually finish these. Are you a Farmer's Wife? Are you caught up or behind (like me)?

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Jill said...

The Dear Jane is one I want to do after I finish up a few things. Maybe we should do it together.