Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yes, I did.

Last year I ordered a FQ pack of Flea Market Fancy.  I had missed it the first time around, and I was determined not to do so again.  I had seen all kinds of people doing the Scrappy Trip Around the World.  (Tutorial here.)  I decided I did not need to make one more scrap quilt at this juncture, since I have so many in progress already.  But then my eye fell on the FMF, and I decided to jump in.  I cut up all those FQs for this quilt, dontcha know.  (Amanda Jean will probably shudder in horror that I did that.  Either that or she'll be proud.)  I'm liking the way it's turning out.  Here's hoping I can break character and finish it.  ;)  Are you tripping yet?  You know you want to.

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