Thursday, January 22, 2009

Updates on WIPs

Well, the cake for the baby shower was still in the oven, and I didn't feel like starting the icing for the birthday one yet, so I took some pictures.
This is what the red/green/khaki baby quilt looks like right now, but eventually it will look similar to the blue/yellow baby quilt (pictured below). All these plaids were precut squares given to me a while ago. I had sewn them all together, but the top wasn't big enough for anything, so I had planned to put borders on it to make it bigger. It has been in a bin for at least 4 years. I took it apart to make two quilts.
This is the block-of-the-month for my quilt group. It's just in strips that I haven't sewn together yet -- and it needs a border.
Blue and yellow baby -- for the baby shower tomorrow.
Ohio Stars and Bars -- I saw this quilt on Bonnie's website, and loving patriotic quilts the way I do, I had to do it. Unfortunately for me, I thought I needed 30 bars and 31 stars, but it was actually 40 and 41. Don't know what my problem is. I wrote it down correctly, but I just kept the wrong numbers in my head. Anyway, otherwise it would be done, but now I have to cut some more.
I did not take a picture of the blue pinwheel quilt, because it is seriously just a bunch of stacks of blue and white squares and even some strips that I haven't cut into squares yet. I think we have enough pictures like that here.
This quilt was inspired by Amanda Jean's aqua and red quilt. My husband wanted a quilt for our bed (so sad that none of ours are big enough -- it's king-sized) for Christmas, but he told me this about week before Christmas, and I don't have a machine that can quilt -- other than a walking foot. He was home sick so much that I couldn't lay it out and do a grid on it -- besides, I don't have an empty space in my house big enough to lay it out. Pinning it was a challenge. So that's the long version of saying, "It's not done yet." Field of brown is what I'm calling it for now.
I don't have a picture of the blue/burgundy applique, because, well, frankly, I forgot it was on the list, and now I don't want to go hunt it down and take a picture of it. I'll put it up another time.
Seaside Rose Hourglass -- still in its former state.
Simplicity Sawtooth -- still in its former state. This is the condition of my smoky mountain stars quilt -- also from Bonnie's website.
Blue and yellow ragged squares -- still in its former state. Future's so Bright
Lazy Gal Red
Applique Hearts needs a border. I'll show it when it's done.
Hand-quilted star is still being hand-quilted. Looks about the same.
Pink and green applique is almost done, so I'll give it its own post when it's complete.
City Girls -- needs a border
Pink and Brown Ohio Stars -- I have to make about 150 of these.
15 down . . . .


Marsha said...

WOW I don't know how you have time for all of these. They are beautiful. You need to get a shop where you can sell them for 5 or 6 hundred dollars a piece. I guess someone's genes got passed down.

Jill said...

I really love the city girls, how big is that one going to be? How did the shower and birthday go?

I need to go see how many wips I currently have, I think I have a few, but nothing that is urgently on my list appparently.

Katie K said...

Hey! I just found your blog through your comment on Amanda-Jean's blog! I *love* the City Girls quilt. Is there a tutorial somewhere for that?

Really enjoying your variety of quilts!