Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sailboat quilt

I made this quilt about 5 years ago for baby #5. Baby #4 had one just like it that was red and blue. That one is so raggedy now that there is no way I can show it. It has been well-loved. He still sleeps with it, and he's almost eight.
I just outline quilted it on my machine. I didn't even have a walking foot -- just my regular foot. Previous to this I pretty much hand-quilted everything. It's no wonder I have 60 quilt tops. I'm not exaggerating. It takes a lot of time to hand-quilt but not so much to piece the tops. Now that I can machine-quilt everything, I am hoping to whittle down that number.

Wish me luck!


belinda said...

Hi Jessica....thanks so much for your visit!!
This little sailboat quilt is THE
cutest ever!! You did a wonderful job. I too have only hand quilted...I now have 6 quilt tops waiting in line, but I may have to have a change of plans on these 2 green throws I am working on...???

Jill said...

I love the sailboat quilt. Mine is handquilted as well, rare around here though. Did you just make the two? You should take a picture of the other regardless of condition or if you want to post it or not, just so you have photo evidence when it eventually falls apart.

Marsha said...

jessica, these sailboat quilts are very familiar. Did you get a new machine or just learn to quilt by practicing. I never could get the machine quilting talent. Of course, I hardly did quilts like you have done. 60 tops. My goodness you will have to send some to foreign countries or else you are getting a head start on your grandkids.

Cathy said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog! I am glad to have found yours as well. You have made some beautiful quilts. I love the sailboat quilt. I bet it makes you feels good to have the other one "loved to death".