Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Greyson's Gift

My sweet friend, Meryn, had a tragedy in her life a few months back, and true to her form, she has turned it into a blessing for other people. She lost her baby boy prematurely, but out of that sad event she has started a charity to help other families who might be in her situation. Her blog explains much better than I can. I feel like I'm stumbling over my words.
She is looking for double-sided flannel blankets, sizes 12"x12" and 24"x24". She has more details on her blog about that as well as the crocheted or knitted blankets she has found a home for. So Joann's had flannel on sale last week, and I stocked up. The smaller prints will be for Greyson's Gift. The larger ones will go to some of the large number of babies being born in my ward and family right now.
I even had some small scraps that I pieced together. These blankets are so small that it doesn't take much fabric to fill the need. I hope you will help if you can. Meryn's contact info is on her blog with all the details of where to send your gift. Thanks in advance to all those who can help!

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Marsha said...

What a great thing to do. I remember when Aunt Melba's ward made many blankets for kids in the hospital. Way to be the hands of the Savior.