Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oops -- yet still there is progress.

Remember this -- from the previous post, right? See that black square that indicates one of the stops -- the one hanging out in the middle of nowhere with no subway line going to it? I thought that looked odd.
That's probably because it's supposed to be gray. I did a fast print job, and that line ended up looking white apparently. So it's fixed now, and . . .
I have two rows finished! The rows aren't sewn TO each other yet, but I have finished 10 of 25 blocks (and the blocks ARE sewn into the two rows). Now that everything is cut out, it's going together pretty quickly. I'm enjoying the piecing of this quilt.
If you have been thinking of making this quilt (ahem), don't be afraid. The cutting is the most daunting part. Even with the couple of blocks I've had to redo part of. (Yes, it was more than one.) Happy quilting! I hope you all have finished something this week! (I have a couple of finishes that cannot be shown yet, because they have not yet arrived at their final destinations. Can't ruin the surprises.)


Why Not Sew? said...

Wow! that is progress. Okay maybe I'll think about it when I finish a couple of WIP's! It looks great.

Marsha said...

All of your beautiful projects make me want to quilt again. I recently made the girls dance skirts, using Pam's sewing machine. I hope soon I will be able to buy a new one and start quilting again. I have scraps left over from the skirts and lots of old clothes that could be used also.