Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Birth Fair

Now, you might ask, as did one of my friends, "What in the heck is a birth fair?" Well, it is the Tarrant County Birth Network's fundraiser. One of my dear friends is a childbirth educator and helps to organize this. I thought, "Why not? I make baby stuff." Here is what my booth looked like.
This was my very first craft fair. I didn't know what to expect -- not from any craft fair, and certainly not from the birth fair. It was smaller than I expected. But I learned a few things, and I gained some experience on what things to prepare, what not to stress about. I'm sure each craft fair is different, though, too, so who knows if I learned the right things.
Ooh! Sorry about that reflection. I took a bunch of pictures of it, and they all came out with that same glare. And my pinwheel quilt looks cream. It's not. It's white. (Later posts to come for each of these quilts.)
Some women told me that they had seen my booth on Facebook, and that was the reason they came down to the birth fair. Well, at least it was pretty. No guts, no glory. I put myself out there, and I feel proud of myself. I really have never tried to sell anything that I have made, thinking it wasn't good enough or that people wouldn't value it. Well, they might NOT value it, but I learned that I know my own worth as a seamstress and a quilter. And it doesn't come from outside sources.

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Jill said...

It looks great Jess! We will have to talk so I can hear all the details. Is that a China doll receiving blanket that I see?