Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I was modern before I knew it.

I made these quilt tops about 10 years ago back when I had no money and was getting free fabric from a friend's stash. She would go quilting at the senior citizen's center, and all kinds of people would just drop off their grandmother's fabric and UFOs after she died. (Seriously.)
The initial plan was to put them on my girls' twin beds, but I didn't have a machine that could do free-motion quilting, and so they sat in the pile of flimsies waiting to be HAND quilted. Well, that pile grew pretty quickly. I liked to piece more than I liked to hand quilt. Anyway, now my girls are in a full-sized bed, the twin mattresses having been usurped by the boys for their bunk beds. They are not identical. I just made random butterflies. Some of the fabrics are decidedly . . . unpretty, let's say. What did I know back then? Apparently, I did know that bright colors and white were the way to go. (May I just say that the triangle border took longer to make than the whole rest of the quilt top?!)
The idea was that the butterflies were to rest on top of the mattress and the squares to hang down. If I ever get these quilted, we'll see if they work out that way. I wonder what I have that can go on the back.

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Jill said...

I remember these. I hope you finish them up, they are really great!