Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lucky me and a giveaway link

Last month a new website was launched -- Australian, but also available for us Americans. It's called SEWN. Anyway there were a ton of people doing giveaways in honor of the blog launch. I won Jeannette's giveaway. It took a while to get here, because she is in New Zealand. Thanks, Jeannette. I was so excited to get this. I love the fabrics you chose for me!
In May, Sew Mama, Sew had their May Day Giveaway, and I was fortunate enough to win an April Cornell Spring Magic Jelly roll from Quilt Qua. I had forgotten to take a picture or even seem grateful, but I was so excited to use it, that I made this coin quilt right away. I had enough left over to make some tiny whirlygig blocks -- well, to cut out some whirlygig blocks -- not made yet.
Please, ignore my wrinkles -- and the ones on my quilt too. ; ) Seriously, though, Quilt Qua is now having another giveaway. If you go on their blog, you can see the rules for entry. It's a tell-a-friend giveaway, so I just earned another entry by telling all of you. Lucky me again. Um, if you're counting, I think the coin quilt and the whirlygig quilt put me back up to 75. Why, oh, why did I start counting?! Just kidding. It's keeping me aware. While it's true that I'm not going down much (YET!), I am not going UP either, and that tells me that I am actually finishing stuff and not JUST starting things. The ceiling is 75, so if I go above that -- well, I don't have a consequence for it, but I'll feel really bad or something. As an aside, my a/c was not working for about three weeks, and it just got fixed last Monday. So now I can consider quilting something. I didn't want to sit underneath a big, heavy quilt when it was 90 degrees in my house. I pinned two more quilts yesterday -- one old, one new -- so hopefully the finishing will come into full swing here. Pray for me, ladies!


Julia said...

Oh! I like the coin quilt! The fabric is "delish"! I finished the top of my very first quilt! I just posted about it tonight! I'm kind of excited! I wish that I was a much more advanced quilter. I'm vowing to take classes at the earliest moment (after payday!LOL!)

Cathy said...

I love your coin quilt!!!.....aren't they so much fun to make! What size did it end up? I think there are so many more in my future. How a

Marsha said...

I love the quilt you made for your first child. It looks very complicated but turned out beautifully. Natural talent I guess.