Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another blue and yellow

I actually pieced this top several years back. It is a pattern from Hopskotch Quilting. She has some really great patterns on her site. I first saw her stuff in a quilting magazine, and have been hooked ever since. My Starflowers quilt is one of her designs.
I didn't use her paper piecing method, because that was back when I was afraid of it. You can see that it makes for some not so flat blocks. I recommend the paper piecing. I'm sure it would yield more accurate (and flatter) piecing. You can buy her pattern here. Scroll down to where it says Seth's Stargazing. Hers is set with 5 blocks by 5 blocks. Mine is 6 by 8. My blocks may actually be smaller than hers. I'm not sure. Here's where I have to confess that I did not buy the pattern. I just looked at it and made my own version of it.
It is twin sized. I'll get better measurements when I'm done with it. I already rolled it up, and it's waiting in the queue to be quilted.


Julia said...

Confession?! That is AMAZING!! I can't believe you just looked at it and then did it!! Wow, I wanna be like you when I grow up...

Cathy said...

That quilt is beautiful!! You are amazing at how many quilts you have made.