Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Three small quilts

For my three-year-old's birthday in January, I made him this quilt just out of a Cars panel. I quilted it with my (then) new machine. It was one of the first, so I was figuring things out. Anyway, I didn't bind it, because I ran out of time. So I bound it last week. Finally. After months of him saying, "You needa fix my 'Queen." So now it's fixed.
A number of years back (a rather large number) a friend gave me some Harry Potter scraps. My son wanted it for a quilt. I'm thinking this was six years ago. I just finally bound it last week. It's way too small for him, but he's so happy to have it, and he uses it to snuggle under when he's reading. I just used all the scraps I was given, and that's the size it ended up.
Just a baby quilt for a girl in my ward who's having a boy in September. Look at me! I'm ahead on this one. I just gave it to her Sunday. Again, this is one I pieced several years ago and even quilted several years ago. I don't know what is up with me and binding!
In other binding news, on Monday I made binding for five quilts. Yesterday I machine stitched it on to two of them, so now it's just the handwork.
So I have three finishes, but I started the Round Two Nine-Patch One-a-Day with Amanda Jean. Hey, I've got scraps coming out my ears, and this is a great way to get rid of them. I'm cleaning out my Christmas scraps, so there will be some old pieces in there. I may do a second one of just regular random scraps. I like how everyone's quilts are turning out like that. I haven't started or even decided about that yet, though. Anyway, so I'm at 73, but I truly hope to have five more finishes this week with the quilts I have to just bind. Here's hoping!


Jill said...

Good job on getting so much binding made and attached and ready to go. I need to get going on my nine patches, it's been so hot it's hard to sew right now.

Cathy said...

You are on a roll!! I love hearing how much your children love their quilts.
My 24 year old always loves the ones that I make her.

Marsha said...

I'm just so glad my daughter is a quilter. I always wanted to be but didn't ever have the energy to do very many. Even as a grandma it seems to pass me by. Great job finishing things. With so many chilins I don't know how you do it.

amandajean said...

you are doing great on your finishes! yay for you!!!