Friday, February 1, 2013

Rainbow Sherbet

This is an oldie.  The peach/orangey (large inside border) stripe was one of the first high-quality fabrics I ever purchased.  I bought it at the Dallas Quilt Show from one of the vendors.  My friend Judy is the one who took me, who helped me hone my quilting skills, who turned me into a fabric hoarder.  Okay, okay.  She gave me the nudge.  The hoarding was latent inside of me.
Anyway, I used that stripe as a jumping off point to choose colors for the rest of the quilt.  It started to remind me of rainbow sherbet, but now that it's all finished, it reminds me of fire (minus the green)
This center medallion was a Block of the Moment from Judy Martin.  It's not there now, but I printed it when it was.  Just to clarify, Judy Martin is not the Judy who took me to the Dallas Quilt Show.  (Ha!  I wish!)  She is amazing at putting patterns/blocks together.
I quilted a flower in each of the stars and spirals in the rest of the blocks.  I just did a loopy meander around the outer borders.  Sometimes I get in default and just do a stipple or a loop, but I really enjoy the quilts where I do deliberate things that accent the blocks themselves.  That just takes longer, and I have a ridiculous volume to try to whittle down.
In the name of using what I had (and also because by the time I got around to quilting it, the top had been finished for YEARS), I just found whatever matching random strips  that I had.  I don't love the back, but it'll do.  And it's one more quilt that I can take out of my brain.
This was a quilt where I mixed quality of fabrics, so we'll see how they fade.  Usually the cheaper fabrics fade more quickly, so I'm sure I'll see differences in that.  I made this at a when I didn't know better.  ;)  It feels really good to finish an older project, though, and it will still keep us warm!


Jill said...

Yay for a finish! How big is this one?

Gemini Jen NZ said...

It looks really awesome, the colour combo is lovely, well done!

Mary Manson Quilts said...

This is such an interesting color combination, I really like it, glad you were able to get it finished so you can display and use it. Beautiful quilt!

Jessica said...

i love this quilt-- the mixed fabrics, the combo of blocks, but mostly the story. great job~