Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I cannot for the life of me find the "before" pictures of these dressers.  Let's just say they were stained a medium brown.  Not that pretty -- and the knobs were white ceramic.
I picked a blue that matched the baseball quilts in this room and just painted them.  I was planning to try to make my own blue stain, but since the previous stain didn't come all the way off, there were going to be darker patches in some places than others.  So paint it was.
I couldn't find any vertical pulls with the same measurements as these, so I didn't replace them.  They're not my favorite, but I just found some brass knobs with a similar patina and called it good.
The two little boys were previously using two (extremely) old two-drawer end tables and a plastic three-drawer storage thing.  Free dressers, $25 paint, $12 knobs = no more problems with space.  And no, their room is never this clean.

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Elaine M said...

Wonderful update on the dressers. I love the knobs; and great price.