Monday, February 18, 2013

Baby Jane Quilt-Along

For Jill's birthday last year I got her this.  And I got one for myself too.  

The idea was that I would finish my Farmer's Wife Quilts, and then I would start this.  Well, that was a lovely ambition, but they're not done, and Jane is tired of waiting.  So in we dive.  We will be starting the week of March 4th, doing one a week.  Or maybe two.  We didn't completely decide on a number.  I realize we're not the first to do this.  Anina has an entirely separate blog devoted to her Baby Jane.  So I guess you could say we're jumping on the bandwagon.

I have decided to do mine out of Bonnie and Camille scraps/fabrics with Kona White as my background.  I'm hoping that now that I am past my technical difficulties (new sewing machine) and past my gigantic move (TX to CT), I will be able to be more devoted to my second love.   (My first love is my family, people.)  

So my plan is to post my block(s) on Thursday.  I have not discussed this aspect with Jill yet, but I hope she's amenable to that.  If you'd like to work along with us, that would be great.  You can purchase the book directly from the Dear Jane website, or you can go on Amazon.  If anyone -- or even someone -- joins in, maybe I could start a Mr. Linky on here.  If it's just Jill and I, we're okay with that too.  See you in two weeks for the reminder post!


Jill said...

Let's aim for two a week. I am already pondering colors and such but no firm decision yet.

Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

such a undertaking! i can't wait to see yours take shape!