Thursday, October 23, 2008

Baby Quilt

I made this quilt when I was pregnant with my fourth child, who turned out to be a boy. That's okay, I thought. I'll just save it for the next one. Well, I got three boys in a row after that one. So here it sits at my house, apparently never to be used. I love it. It's too little for my big girls (who are now 13 and 8), so I guess it will have to be for my first granddaughter -- if it hasn't turned to dust by then. Then center is just a panel. The border is pieced. I hand-quilted it. I think it's about 36" X 45".
We call it "Baby Regan's Quilt," because that was going to be the name of our next girl if we ever got one.

Here is a close-up of the fabric and stitching detail.

You can see the stitching better on the back. The green is actually a little pinstripe, but you can't see that detail very well. Apparently I need to take a photography class just so I can blog. I drew the curlicues on the front in pencil and then hand-stitched them -- finishing with a French knot in the center of the curls.

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Marsha said...

Man, you are getting so much done. I wish I still had that much energy.