Monday, October 13, 2008

A Whole Bunch of Images

So I decided to make a box of a whole bunch of cards to give as a gift. I was feeling rather daunted, because I wanted them to be unique -- no more than two of each -- and it's a rather large box. Anyway, so one day I just started stamping some images, and I ended up with this. I colored the snail and fish images with markers. I will slowly turn them into actual cards. Some of them have already been put to use, but I haven't taken photos yet.

Oh, wait, I lied. Here's one of the butterflies.

Then I made another butterfly card, because one just isn't enough. Both of these are made with PaperTrey Ink's Butterfly Kisses Stamp Set.

I guess I just wanted to show one way of making a lot of cards a little more quickly. I am finding it easier to have the images already done, and then I can just put the papers together when I'm ready. That way the card is half done. The way I store my stamps and ink is just in a big (well, medium-sized) bin right now, so I suppose for me it's a pain to get all the stamps and ink out. This way, I get it all out once, and then I have images for 30 cards ready to go. I'm sure some of you who like to make cards one at a time and make them individualized will not like this method, and that's okay. I don't do this as a general rule, but when you're trying to make a hundred cards for one person in a relatively short time frame, I'm finding it very helpful. Happy creating!


Marsha said...

Very, very cute butterfly cards.

amandajean said...

those cards are cute! what a great way to make a bunch of cards in a short time. I do something similar, too. have fun making those cards!