Monday, October 20, 2008

Polka Dot Quilt

This is a quilt by Piece O Cake Designs. I love their stuff, and I ADORE this quilt. I have been coveting it for a number of years and gathering polka dots to go in it. I'm hoping to start it soon, but I anticipate finishing it years from now. Maybe if I put it on the blog, I will be accountable to someone and be motivated to get some of it done. I can at least find all those paper piecing things I photocopied. Now, I have never done any paper piecing before in all these years, so I'm excited to give it a shot.
I'll give you a current projects list as well, although, it cannot be complete, because the bins in my garage hold numerous works in progress. I will just list the ones I am actively working on.
*A cryptic reference to one I am giving as a gift and therefore cannot say more. If I showed it here, the recipient would know who it was for, I think. I guess you can see it after Christmas. *A king size quilt for my bed using Benartex's City Girl fabrics in pink chocolates. Yummy! *Pink and green applique quilt for my girls' bed -- pinned and ready to quilt. *Pink and brown Ohio star that I started forever ago and have recently unearthed. It's reminding me how much I love scrap quilts. *Seaside Rose (by Moda) hourglass quilt *Simplicity (by Moda) sawtooth stars quilt from one of my previous posts *Blue, pink, burgundy, green, yellow appliqued and pieced quilt -- one more strip of applique left to do. *Hand quilting the patriotic star quilt from an earlier post
This is just the quilting project list, but I'm already tired from just making the list. So fun, though! Cardwise, I have a birthday gift to make for my dear friend, whose birthday is tomorrow, and I am still working on the box of cards for a Christmas gift. I also have scrapbook night this Friday at my house, and then next Wednesday is card swap for which I have to make 2 sets of 12 cards and for which I have made 0 cards so far. It's only Monday. I can do it, although I may have to make the cards at scrapbook night.
Ooh, I just keep looking at that polka dot quilt and loving it! Maybe I'll start it tomorrow. I can't today, because I have so much transcribing to do, but I'll try to sneak some in tomorrow maybe.
I know I should stick to what is already in progress, but what fun would that be?


Jill said...

Ahh-I would send you more polka dots stuff, but you understand my attachment to them. I love that quilt as well. I think I won't be satisfied until I see you make it! ;)

Terri said...

What a cool quilt! I look forward to seeing how yours turns out. That is quite a list. I am like that too always coming up with more things to make but not having enough time to do them all. Thanks for the congrats on winning one of the catagories of the PTI guest star stamper contest this month.

amandajean said...

that quilt is amazing!!! what a huge undertaking.

your link to the city girl fabric isn't working, btw.

Marsha said...

I was able to get to the city girlfabric site. Wow, I say that quilt looks like a life time commitment but then I've seen all of your other quilts. I have forgotten what it was like to have energy.

serenitymeadow said...

I love anything with polka dots. I love your to-do lits. I made a pink and brown quilt using City Girl fabrics and they are wonderful fabrics to put together. I haven't hand-quilted it yet but this winter I will....come and see it on my blog. Just scroll down the page a bit.