Friday, May 8, 2009

Geese in the Forest BOM

So I have never really done any paper piecing before. I was always a little afraid of it. Plus, having to rip all that paper off the backs -- too much time investment for me. Well, when I saw Anina's BOM, it was too cute to pass up, and her paper piecing method is better than the sew-along-the-lines one I had always seen. She tells you to fold the freezer paper back on the line and sew along the edge. It works!
I am WAY behind on this one, but I finally have enough blocks to show on here. We're in month 4, and I haven't completed any sets. There are six for month 1. I have four. There are 27 for month 2. I have four. There are ten for month 3. I have two. There are ten for month 4. I have one. I was thinking I might put this on the back, but there is no black anywhere in my blocks. I'm trying to reconcile this. I had considered just making a few of the triangles black. My oldest daughter suggested I put a black border around the quilt top and then put another border of the bright fabrics. She also suggested that I do the background of some of the blocks in black. I don't really want to do the background in black on any of them, because then you would notice the negative space. Anybody have an opinion on how I should proceed?


Jill said...

The black on the back only totally doesn't bother me. But if you need some, maybe something with black polkadots somewhere so it isn't overwhelming.

I haven't even started on this one yet.

amandajean said...

maybe you could use just a bit of the backing fabric to make a few of the triangles with white background? that would tie things together. (that is of course, if you have enough of the backing fabric.)

Cathy said...

I love what you have done so far! I think that you can get away with the backing fabric......which is really neat BTW without adding any black on the front. If your binding has some of the colors of the backing fabric other than black then your backing should fit in just fine. I have never felt like the backing shows that much anyway. I hope that I am making sense